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Practice your penmanship today!

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Hey, Writers!

Chances are, assuming you’re older than a three-year-old, you’ve already written something today. Whether it was your name on a quiz at school, mailing information on an envelope, or a love poem for your sweetie, writing is definitely a Learn about the importance of handwriting!staple art form in the world today. That’s why today is National Handwriting Day.

Of course, HANDwriting isn’t nearly as common as it used to be since modern technology has provided us with a speedier alternative to generate “written” words. Yes, the Qwerty keyboard and texting certainly gives the written word (*ahem*—HANDwritten word) a run for its money, however, handwriting is indeed, an art form and one that the world will be hanging on to for a while, I think.

After all, being a writer myself, I can certainly attest to the fact that there is a very different feeling between typing words out and scratching your pen against paper as it leaves a trail of your inky thoughts behind. It’s an intimate feeling shared by just you the pen and the paper without some bright, white, electronic page staring you down.

Named for the first six letters starting from the top left, this is the English-speaking keyboard.Of course, I appreciate the efficiency and speed of computers—I’m typing right now! At the same time, I hope that our modern technology doesn’t stop people from writing by hand altogether. It would be a horrible loss. Signatures would lose their flare. The callous would go away on the side of your middle finger. Stock in Bic would plummet.

But most importantly, we would lose an extremely unique way of expressing ourselves. Did you know that you can learn a lot about a person just by looking at their handwriting?

It’s called Graphology. By studying how big or small you write your letters, how much space you leave between your words, how much of an angle you give your letters, and more, you can tell whether a person is organized or not, shy or outgoing, punctual or a born-procrastinator, and much, much more.

Put a pen to some paper and enjoy analyzing your own handwriting today! For now, I'll thank you all for reading today's post and end it there. Till next time, Camp Folks!


- John

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