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Pleased to Trapeeze You

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Hey, Camp Lovers!

We've got a bunch more stories in store from the Everything Summer Camp 'Share Your Camp Story' Contest! We're presenting each submission individually on our Blog, one by one. Next up, we have Emma P., sharing her thrilling summer journey at Independent Lake Camp. Keep reading—her camp adventure starts right now:


“I really love acro and gymnastics, and was so excited to go away to Camp for the first time this year. Independent Lake Camp has a giant flying trapeeze right next to the lake and soon as I saw the camp video, I couldn’t wait to try it.

When I went to the first time camper picnic in June, I finally had my chance. Except when I started to go up the ladder, I realized how high in the sky it was. I just couldn’t do it, even though I wanted to more than anything. Then when I arrived at camp in August, I chose aerial adventures as one of my 3 primes. I learned to do all sorts of obstacle courses up high and they started to feel pretty easy.

So then, at the end of my first week at camp, I decided to try the trapeeze again. I made so many great friends in my bunk who were there to cheer me on and, even though it still felt really up in the air, I did it!

I can’t wait to go back next year and I might even join the trapeze fly team.”


Hi, Emma! Nice job achieving your first summer camp experience. Heights certainly have their way of creating fun, yet frightening situations, don’t they? I watched the Independent Lake video too just to see how high this trapeeze ladder went. You weren’t lyin’! That thing just keeps going up! Bravo on giving it another try at the end of your week at camp. Good luck on the Fly Team if you join and thanks for sharing your story with us, Emma.

Do you want to try out the giant trapeeze like Emma did? Take a closer look at Independent Lake Camp when you click right here Check out their camp video below as well. Thanks for reading, Everyone! And, as always, Happy Camping!


- John


ILC Circus Department from Independent Lake on Vimeo.



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