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Hey, Campers!

As we inch our way toward warmer weather here in the northwestern area of Wisconsin—the place where Everything Summer Camp is based—we get more and more excited about all of our outdoor items. While we sell a few toys, games, or activity books that make for entertaining indoor use, most of what we sell has to deal with camping gear in the great outdoors.

This time of year, the weather tends to be a little shaky—60° one week and snow in the next. Well, you can take the fun outside or keep it in with the Freestyle Bocce and Freestyle Horseshoe Set.

Get your Bocce Set set and have a blast this summer playing Bocce Ball with friends!Backpack Bocce Ball Set
This game set includes nine, nylon throwing balls and a convenient carrying case. There’s also a cinch-shut mesh nylon pouch. The Target Ball is randomly thrown and players then take turns to toss their Throwing Balls and aiming as close to the Target Ball as they can get. The scoring system is simple: one point for each bocce ball that’s closer to the Target Ball than your opponent’s closest ball. If you’re talented enough to toss a Throwing Ball with enough accuracy that it creeps up and rolls to a stop and touches the Target Ball, that counts for two points.

Freestyle HorseshoePlay it inside, play it outside---it's all good.
A longstanding classic, this set of Freestyle Horseshoes includes four full-size rubber horseshoes, two rubber mats, two indoor stakes, two outdoor stakes, and a carrying bag with instructions. Game play is simple: players take turns tossing their horseshoes, trying to ring one around a stake. If a horseshoe lands within six inches of a stake, it counts as one point, if both of your horseshoes are closer than your opponents’ you get two points, and if you ring a stake with your horseshoe, it counts as three points.

Get your games for affordable prices right here at Everything Summer Camp to get some fun whether your stuck indoors or the sun is shining! They’re easy-to-use, easy-to-pack, and fun for all! Bring the games with you when you head off to summer camp where the fun never stops and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

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