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Ping Pong…All Day Long

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Hey, Sports Fans!

A popular enough sport that most summer camps across the country offer it in a rec. room or maybe in a gym, Ping Pong—also known as Table Tennis—is, rather obviously, the lawn game Tennis adapted to an indoors game to be played on a tabletop. Tennis, which was invented in 1873, only took about a decade to make its indoor transformation.   

The term Ping Pong is typically the one you’ll hear used by amateurs while formally trained players refer to the sport as Table Tennis. But the two names refer to the exact same game. The name ‘Ping-Pong’ was coined by the English firm J. Jaques and Son at the end of the 1800s and later became trademarked by the Parker Brothers board game company which popularized the name.

The game caught on quick. And by 1901 tournaments were being held, bringing in more than 300 participants. So what’s so cool about Ping Pong?

Hand/Eye Coordination
There’s a lot more involved in Ping Pong than may initially meet the eye. But extreme accuracy in hand-eye coordination is developed rather quickly with a paddle and a ping pong ball.  

Knowing When to…
Ping Pong isn’t necessarily a game of finesse, but you definitely need to get a feel for how much force to apply when you strike the ball. Depending on how much momentum the ball is carrying, you’ll need to know when to give a light tap and when to smack it. There’s also the element of spin that can put on the ball based on the angle and swiftness you use when you hit it.

Ping Pant
When you think of a good cardio workout Ping Pong isn’t very likely the first thing to come to mind. But I’m amazed every time I play how much physical exertion is involved! Quick steps from side to side, bouncing backward and forward, and stretching for long reaches, Ping Pong almost always has me breaking a sweat when I play (assuming my competition is good enough!).

Enjoy playing Ping Pong on the tables available at your summer camp this coming season. You can check out our Backpack Ping Pong Set we have available when you click here. And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John



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