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Pillows upon Pillows

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Hey, Camp Shoppers!

We’re always looking for new means of comfort for your bunk area at summer camp and your bedroom at home as well. Here at Everything Summer Camp, the Maker of C&N Footlockers, we know that comfort means so much more to you when you’re away from home. It’s much nicer to curl up for sleep at summer camp when you have a nice warm bed and a nice cozy pillow or two for cuddling or good company.

It’s great to keep the mood light in your bunk area. That’s why we’re happy to offer some of the cutest pillows from iScream. We’ve been building upon our collection for the last couple years, broadening our selection. We have great options like the Boyfriend and Lounge pillows as well as microbead pillow options in the shapes of a video game controller, a baseball, an axoloti sea creature. And don’t forget about the scented, plushy animal pillows!

But our latest addition are the adorable iScream Bunny Cookie Furry Pillows.

Love it, squeeze it—just don't eat it! That’s not real fur and it’s not frosting either. What is it, you ask? It’s your Bunny Cookie Pillow! Pick your favorite personality among these pretty-colored pillows. A great companion for summer camp, you can cuddle this cookie during lounge time or when you curl up to go to sleep.

Made entirely of polyester with polyfiber filling and faux fur and decorated with glitter and embroidered details, the Bunny Cookie Furry Pillow from iScream is sure to make you scream and hop for joy!

Get acquainted with these cute characters—take a good look at them when you click right here. And, while you’re at it, you may as well check out the entire, awesome iScream selection we have available here on our online store. Just click here. Check out what you can find here at the Everything Summer Camp and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

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