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Patriots’ owner, Kraft, went to camp

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Hey, Camp Fans!

That autumnal chill is in the air again. As we see the end of August and the return of September, we’re reminded of the approaching fall season. It means apple-picking excursions, it means perfect campfire weather, and—who could forget?—it means football is BACK! Kraft enjoyed summer camp!

Everyone’s ramping up for the new NFL season! The first game premieres Thursday night on September 10 with the Steelers taking on this year’s champions in Massachusetts—the New England Patriots. In honor of the Patriots, I’m posting about Robert Kraft, Patriots Owner and former summer camper.

Having spent a week or two at summer camp certainly gave Robert an excellent life experience at an early age. He attended Camp Androscoggin, located in Wayne, Maine—20 minutes west of the state capitol. There lie 120 acres of beautiful campground, situated on the northern shore of Lake Androscoggin.

After graduating from Brookline High School and Columbia University (where he played running back and safety in his freshman year) Robert went on to build his healthy business career. By the time he was 31, Robert was in control of two companies. Combined, these companies make up the biggest privately-owned paper and packaging companies in the country.

With an interest in sports, Robert found himself refusing a proposal of the then-Patriots owner, James Orthwein. Orthwein’s deal would have moved the Patriots team, placing them in St. Louis. But Robert countered the deal with a record-breaking offer (for the time) of $172 million to outright purchase the team. Orthwein accepted Robert’s proposal.

Eight years later, Robert financed the construction of New England’s new Gillette Stadium and has continued to serve as nothing but a positive impact on the success of the Patriots. Be sure to watch next week Thursday as the Patriots kickoff the new football season!

With beginnings at Camp Androscoggin, Robert Kraft grew into the successful and passionate businessman that he is today. Who will you grow up to be? And, as always, thanks for reading.


- John


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