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Parker takes a chance on camp!

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Hey, Camp Fans!

The Everything Summer Camp ‘Share Your Camp Story’ drawing saw an excellent response with nearly 30 entries, so we’re happily publishing each and every one right here on the Blog! After our seven lucky winners, everyone else who submitted received a $15 gift certificate to our online store. Today’s post includes Parker P.’s camp story about his summer days at Camp Ridgecrest:
Get your camp on at Camp Ridgecrest for boys and girls.

“When I was four, my mom read me a story called The Berenstain Bears Go to Camp. I was fascinated with the idea of going to camp and began asking when I could go. She was surprised that as such a young child I would express an interest in camp, but I loved the idea of the outdoors, the adventure, and the excitement. Over the next couple of years, my mom became aware of Camp Ridgecrest for Boys and as soon as I entered first grade, she registered me to attend the next summer. I didn’t know anyone. She didn’t know anyone whose child had been. She drove me to camp. Helped me set up my bed and trunk area, and headed to her car to depart. I was a little overwhelmed and so was she. Neither of us anticipated how hard it would be to separate that first summer, but I am so glad that she trusted the plan and the camp staff. All throughout the week, she watched online for pictures of me. I don’t really like to be in pictures, so she was worried that I wasn’t having fun. When she picked me up and we got back in the car, she asked me about the experience. I said that I was glad I went. I was glad she was back to pick me up and go home. I was looking forward to coming back the next year for two weeks, and I asked if I could go for four weeks when I was older. I had immediately fallen in love with camp. Now after seven years at camp, I continue to look forward to camp as it’s the highlight of my summer. I hope to one day be a Little Chief (a camp honor) and then continue as a counselor after I am too old to be a camper.”

Thanks again for your submission, Parker! It’s great to hear that you and your mother put your trust into summer camp and that it ended up being such an enjoyable time for you! To anyone else who may be interested in Camp Ridgecrest, you can check it out sometime and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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