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Pack up with this bottle and cup!

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Hey, Camp Fans!

Nothing really beats the feeling you get when you’re tromping a vague trail through the woods on a hot, sunny day. The gentle breeze moving past you in the unique scenery—it all feels so good….Well, maybe not ALL of it. You’ll probably be sweating a lot and have a hikers need water along with them.thirst that requires constant quenching. But it’s worth it to make the adventure and cope with the thirst and perspiration.

You’ll NEED to bring water along and you have a few options:

1.) Hydration Backpacks are an easy means of quenching your thirst that you carry on your back.

2.) A Canteen to be sure you have enough water when you go for those long adventures on hot days.

3.) Lastly, Water Bottles are your traditional, most popular option.

But there’s a vast array of water bottles featuring the latest technological innovations available right here at Everything Summer Camp. And some of the water bottles defy what the traditional bottle says a water bottle has to be. Much in the way that our Vapur Anti-Bottles take up almost no packing space, these new Pack-up Bottles and PThe Pack-up Bottle is the convenient choice.ack-up Cups from Industrial Revolution are a light packer’s dream!

Collapsible, Pack-up Bottles are ridiculously portable—just begging to be brought along to camp. Fill it up to 23 oz. of thirst-quenching water or delectable hot chocolate for a night around the fire. Separating into three sections, this Bottle is simple to clean and easy to refill. Its cap is a standard size making it interchangeable with other mouthpieces and filters so the option is yours.

And the Pack-up Cup is just as collapsible. It comes with The Pack-up Cup is a convenient accompaniment of the Pack-up attached lid to keep the heat in warm beverages as well as internal measuring lines. It holds up to 8.8 oz.. Both the Pack-up Bottle and Cup are dishwasher and microwave safe products. Pick up a Pack-Up Bottle and Cup for yourself today! And, as always, thanks for reading.


- John

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