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Hey, Camp Fans!

We here at Everything Summer Camp do everything we can to help you send your camper off fully prepared and ready to get the most out of the summer camp experience. While we pride ourselves greatly on the footlocker trunks we manufacture right here in our factory, we’re also proud of our awesome camping gear selection. Consisting of great brand names like Wenzel, Lewis N. Clark, and Coghlan’s, you can find the best quality camping gear right here.This brand is great for quality camping gear.Another great brand we carry that keeps us stocked with superior camping gear is Outdoor Products. Supplying our online store with an impressive assortment of duffel bags, ponchos, rain covers, and more, Outdoor Products is dedicated to manufacturing camping gear that’s certain to see you through all your summer camp adventures out in the unapologetic wilderness.This duffel is great at summer camp!

Gear that more-than-exceeds the quality avid outdoorsy folks are looking for, Outdoor Products has been wowing their customers since 1973. They’ve truly stood the test of time, offering the best in convenience and protection when it comes to roughin’ it. Do your playin' in the rain when you have a poncho from Outdoor Products!

With a passion for quality camping gear, the Outdoor Products family set out nearly 45 years ago and erected a four-story department store in Los Angeles that they dubbed, “The Famous Department Store”. Then, packing every floor of their store with high-quality gear beyond what anyone expected, it didn’t take long before they saw the need to expand.

Now an international manufacturer and distributor of camping gear and other outdoor accessories, Outdoor Products still operates out of their headquarters in their home city of L.A. Featuring practical gear, our selection from Outdoor Products is sure to provide the useful and effective gear you’ll need for your camp stay. Scope out all the excellent products in our Outdoor Products selection and, as always, thanks for reading.


- John

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