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Our Unique Create-Your-Own Footlocker

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Hey, Camp Fans!

At Everything Summer Camp, we have a variety of different colored trunks as well as a multitude of other ways to personalize your camp trunk such as our nameplates, camp decals, and Lid Skinz; but with the Create-Your-Own Footlocker—you can actually pick out which different colors you want on each separate panel of your camp trunk!

CYOWhy not show everyone at camp your own sense of fashion with your very own, personalized camp trunk? Each trunk has ten different panels that can sport any of the nineteen colors we offer. The possibilities are just about endless! Simply visit our Web site and use our Create-Your-Own Footlocker tool to design your trunk today!

The Create-Your-Own Footlocker is the same size as our popular Happy Camper Footlocker and, as it is with every one of our C&N Footlockers from Everything Summer Camp, The Create-Your-Own is manufactured with absolute rugged and durable C&N construction. We cover the interior of our footlockers with our DuraWrap Liner which is water-resistant, odor-free, and virtually tear-proof. There’s really no other way to say it—the Create-Your-Own Footlocker is the best trunk for your summer camp stay.

What makes it the best for summer camp? This camp trunk is a perfect combination of your fun, creative, expression along with our durable construction that offers ample storage space where you can comfortably keep your valuables safe and secure.

At Everything Summer Camp we try to add sprinkles to ice cream or give you the icing on the cake—what I’m trying to say is we like to make a good thing even better. Summer camp is awesome. But you can make it even better when design your own camp trunk and bring a Create-Your-Own Footlocker with other, great personalized gear from Everything Summer Camp! Until next time then, Camp Fans!


- John
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