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Our Grand Prize Camp Story Winner

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Hey, Camp Fans!
Throughout the month of September, I’ve been announcing the winners to our annual ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest. And, today, the time has come to reveal who the winner is of our grand prize. Find out right here and right now—the winner of our $250 gift certificate is….
Take a look at these wise guys and know that you belong here!
Oscar A. B.!
Congratulations, Oscar! You’re our grand prize winner! Oscar wrote in to tell us about his summer escape at Camp Wise. Read this camper’s account of his “Home of Happiness” right here on today’s Blog post:
The happiest place on earth is not Disney World. The happiest place on earth is Camp Wise. This past summer was my second year attending Camp Wise and I can say it has been the best summers of my life. Everyday at Wise is something new. The first time I went I was nervous because I knew no one there. But as soon as I stepped foot in camp I was welcomed by everyone and by next morning I already had friends. Everyday at camp is amazing and never gets boring. You wake up every morning surrounded by your best friends, you have activities planned all throughout the day and end the night staying up past ‘lights-out’ partying with your entire grade. My favorite camp memory is when my grade had a battle of the bands contest where we were given words and had to remix a song using those words in it. My group ended up winning in a tie breaker vote and it was so much fun.
Next summer is going to be my 3rd year at the Home of Happiness and I can’t wait!
Thank you so much for your submission, Oscar! Camp Wise certainly does sound like a fantastic place—not hard to believe it tops Disney World! If it seems like Camp Wise is up your alley, give them a closer look sometime! And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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