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Hey, Camp Fans!

It’s the last day of May; and you know what that means! It’s most-likely time for many of you to actively prepare for your camper’s summer camp stay. While exxel outdoors cub youth sleeping bagscompleting a packing list, making sure that your camper is completely packed, and eventually getting them to camp with all of their camp gear may sound like an overwhelming impossibility—I swear—Everything Summer Camp can help make everything much simpler than it sounds.

It’s true! Everything Summer Camp can really take away all the stress that goes into getting everything ready for your child’s summer camp stay.

Issues start to arise when you have multiple places from which you need to buy your gear. It can easily become much harder to keep track of all your things when you purchased nine items online from five separate Web sites and the rest you decide to hunt and gather at your local retail stores! Yes, you will save some money this way, but the products you’re going to purchase will not be of the same quality as what we can offer.

We’re Everything Summer Camp! We’re your one stop shop for all your summer camp needs! Our Web site can save you tons of time and we don’t make our customers pay crazy creek chairthrough the nose for it, either. In fact, we hope that you involve your camper in the experience of preparing for summer camp—have fun on our Web site and really get into the summer camp spirit.

Our number one concern is our customers and getting your children to camp fully prepared and on time. Don’t let stressful camp prepping lead to a stressful camp experience for your camper—leave the work to us and simply enjoy your summer!

That’s all for today, Camp Fans! And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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