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Nakanawa's $50 Winner

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Hey, Camp Fans!

It’s the Everything Summer Camp ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest! We’re in full swing for this year, announcing our lucky winners and sharing their stories right here on the Blog. Today, I’m announcing the last of our $50 gift certificate winners! Today’s winner is….
Camp in style like the rest of the campers who have attended Camp Nakanawa and join the tradition!
Olivia S.!

Congratulations, Olivia! You win a $50 gift certificate to our one-stop camping gear shop! Olivia gives us the inside scoop on her time camping in Tennessee at Camp Nakanawa. Read about it in her Contest entry right here:

My name is Olivia. I am nine years old. My past camp experience was going to Camp Nakanawa in Crossville, Tennessee for two weeks. My cabin had seven girls and one counselor. We had girls in my cabin from all over the United States such as Indiana, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, and Mississippi.
Camp had many activities but my favorite activity was diving. Diving was my favorite activity because I got to jump off of a diving board. I won the diving award for my team. Some of my other favorite activities were horseback riding, archery, nature hut, and rock wall climbing.
The food there was very good. My favorite meal was grunch. That is when everyone in camp has a sandwich and chips for dinner. My favorite camp tradition was when they served chocolate pie for dessert. We call it backwards pie because you save the tip of the pie for last and make a wish before you eat it. At Nakanawa we are very big with manners.
You don’t want to be caught with elbows on the table or your napkin not in your lap.
There are two teams at camp, Valkyries and Amazons. I am a Valkyrie. Our colors are blue and brown. Amazon’s colors are red and white. We have competitions in all sports and activities. The team with the most points wins for the camp term.
When I had to leave camp, it was very hard. I did not want to leave all my camp friends. I was happy to see my family, though. I cannot wait to go back to camp next year.


So cool, Olivia! It’s great to hear that your camp experience was such a positive and absorptive one! May your summers bring many more camp memories to come and long live the Valkyries! To anybody else interested in Camp Nakawana, check it out by clicking right here and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John


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