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Okay, Ozark!

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Hey, Camp People!

I’ve written lots of Summer Camp Spotlight posts over the last five years here on the Everything Summer Camp Blog—more than 75 to be specific. We love to sing the praises of the awesome summer camps with whom we’ve been fortunate enough to have formed excellent relationships. We love all the 270 camps across the country with whom we work!

Allow me to whisk you away to 400 beautiful acres in the forested land of the Incomparable Check out Camp Ozark for yourself!Camp Ozark in Mount Ida, Arkansas. Offering the serene waterfront of Lake Ouachita, Camp Ozark provides a truly beautiful experience for each of the 6500 campers it sees each summer!

Camp Ozark has no trouble keeping its campers busy! They offer waterfront activities like Waterskiing, Wakeboarding, Water Polo, Swimming, Canoeing, Kayaking, Fishing, and more. Play land sports such as Baseball, Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Soccer, Tennis, Golf, Disc Golf, or Capture-the-Flag. And they also offer Outdoor Adventures, Mountain Biking, Hiking, a Ropes Course, Horseback Riding, and more!

There are Performing arts at Ozark too such as Acting, Guitar, Cheerleading, Dance, Gymnastics, and more. Additionally, they offer Creative Arts like String Art, Woodburning, T-Shirt Printing, Woodworking, Wax Painting, Rocketry, Pottery, Robotics, Jewelry-Making, Candle-making, and a plethora of other creative projects.

With accommodating Summit and Pine Cabins, Camp Ozark provides campers with comfort during their summer stays. Aside from the cabins, Ozark has fine recreational facilities including three large covered pavilions for basketball, volleyball, and tennis. They have a smaller covered pavilion for gymnastics, the dance studio, a woodshop, a wrestling/weight room pavilion, and a large Arts & Crafts building which includes a pottery room.

Get a closer look at Camp Ozark for your camper if it sounds like it could be a great fit for your family. You can get a better look at summer life at Ozark by clicking here and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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