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OH! The Work!

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Hey, Camp Fans!

Here at Everything Summer Camp we have an idea of the effort and hard work that goes into all the preparations and operations for the summer camp season! There are so many different working parts to making sure kids have a blast at camp. So, today—National Employee Appreciation Day—we’re highlighting all the hardworking staffers that make summer camp happen all over the country each year.

Camp Nurse
From scrapes to illnesses and conditions, kids need care throughout their camp stay. Every summer camp keeps at least one nurse on call at all times throughout the camp season so they can ensure that the week/s long stay is safe for everyone.

Camp Kitchen Staff
Campers need to eat! The camp kitchen staff works similar to your school kitchen workers, however, camp is providing three square meals a day and typically a snack and dessert as well. For many camps, two shifts need to be filled in the kitchen.

Camp Custodian
There’s plenty of cleanup in the camp season, cleaning the cabins and buildings, emptying the trash, cleaning the bathrooms, sweeping the floors, washing the linens, and plenty more. Depending on the size of the camp, there may be a staff involved.

Camp Groundskeeper
Groundskeeping means lots of work outdoors, mowing grass, raking leaves, clearing hiking trails, winterizing the grounds, picking up trash, and doing many other tasks to maintain the land. Like the custodial position, the size of the staff depends on the size of the camp.

Camp Lifeguard
Just about every summer camp offers swimming and other activities involving water. Lifeguarding at camp typically isn’t any different than lifeguarding at your local pool or beach: Lifeguards who meet state regulations are required to be present.

Camp Administration
The Big Cheese and other head honchos (a.k.a. camp directors and their administrative staff with an account director and public relations director) handle finances and dealings with press releases, the media, mailings, and camper relations during the off-season.

Camp Counselors
Saving the best for last, the counselors of a summer camp spend the most time interacting with the campers and impart the cool knowledge and skills that they’ve been trained on or likely even were taught a handful of years back when they were a camper.

So, as you can see, there’s plenty of work that goes into making summer camp happen every year. Take some time to reach out to the staff from your camp who have gone above and beyond to make your camp experience something special! Write them a letter or send them a camp-themed greeting card which you can find by clicking here. Happy Employee Appreciation Day and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

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