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Oh-So Moso!

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Hey, Camp Folks!

Keeping things smelling fresh is important anywhere you are, especially at summer camp. Storing dirty camp clothes and keeping gear in your camp trunk can potentially lead to some serious stink without the proper precautions. One of the best ways to keep your footlocker smelling fresh is with the 100% bamboo charcoal all natural air purifier from the Moso brand name.

Let’s take a look at how this brand was born:

Moso initially set out with the simple desire to construct and market car fresheners. They were extremely new and pretty unaware of the world of air purifiers and fresheners. And they learned quickly that they didn’t just need to figure out how to create an air freshener, but they needed to do it without the use of toxic chemicals—the way that most manufacturers make them.

“We knew we had to change course,” Moso says on its website.

And so they set forth to make a high-functioning air purifier that was safe in terms of human and environmental health. They searched far and wide throughout our country and overseas until they came upon what the Chinese people call ‘black diamond’.

This is the bamboo charcoal that Moso uses—environmentally friendly, ecological, and affordable. It’s even so safe that the people of select regions in Asia use it to purify their air, water, and they even ingest it for detoxing their bodies. 

‘Black Diamond’ bamboo charcoal has passed the Moso test which concludes that this stuff works wonders to remove odors, bacteria, absorb harmful chemicals, and even dehumidify and area.

The folks at Moso packaged up this miracle odor-remover and purifier and put it on the market ten years ago in 2010. It saw immediate success! Since then, Moso has climbed the ladder in brand name recognition for its effectiveness and friendliness to the environment and ourselves!

Let Moso help you maintain an odor-free and clean means of air purification! Check out the All Natural Air Purifier from Moso by clicking right here and, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!  


- John

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