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Oh, go take a hike!

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Hey, Hikers!

It’s never too late in the year for a vigorous constitutional down a scenic, woodsy trail. In fact, a solid hike this time of year will typically feel even more invigorating than it does in warmer temperatures. Sure, you might need to bundle up a little bit, but this is actually great hiking weather! That’s why today is National Take a Hike Day. Strap on your trail shoes and breathe in the late-Autumn air!
Grab your backpack, walking stick, and trail shoes--it's Take a Hike Day
Hiking gets your blood pumping and makes you feel good. Why? Well, there’s more than just one reason because hiking benefits you in more than just one way. Unlike a lot of exercises that require expensive equipment or gym memberships, hiking is free and benefits your body as well as your mind!

Hiking—especially hiking uphill—is similarly efficient exercise for burning calories as jogging is and helps you lose weight. The pressure that hiking puts on your bones helps to strengthen your bone structure and helps reduce the risk of osteoporosis. It tones your muscles and does good things for your cardiovascular system too. Really, it just increases your overall fitness.

But hiking does more than just keep your body tuned up and feeling good. It’s also good for your mind. Incorporating a beautiful trail that twists and turns and leads to new landscapes is a nice little treat for your eyes and eases your head. Treadmills and exercise bikes don’t give you this aspect of exercise. Also, the air you breathe in is much crisper and brings a fresh oxygen supply to your brain, resulting in a happier you. There's a great supply of hiking essentials at Everything Summer Camp

Most people live within driving distance of cool trails that are just waiting to be discovered and explored by you. Prepare for your outings at Everything Summer Camp; we carry a slew of great hiking gear to help you get the most out of your hikes. From trail shoes to water bottles, backpacks, and Hydration packs, we’ve got everything you need.

Happy Take a Hike Day and thanks for reading.


- John

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