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Of Farm and Wilderness Summers

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Hello, Camp Kids!

With the camp season kicked into full gear, perhaps you’ll come across the summer camp that you’ll be heading to in our Summer Camp Spotlight posts. Today, we’re fixing the spotlight on the northern tip of the East Coast in the heart of Vermont. There, we find the Farm & Wilderness summer camp which has been showing kids an awesome summer experience since 1939!Get your fill of the farm and wilderness at Farm & Wilderness summer camp!

Farm & Wilderness Camp provides their campers with the woods and lakes and fields of central Vermont as the backdrop for a magical summer escape. Situated on more than 4,800 acres of secluded land, Farm & Wilderness gives kids entirely new and awesome experiences.

Awesome experiences and fun times are waiting for you at Farm & Wilderness. The beautiful campgrounds provide the proper Activities at Farm & Wilderness Camp include Farm Projects, Arts & Crafts, Swimming, Outdoor Living Skills, Canoeing, Carpentry, Rock Climbing, Cooking, and Music.

Campers live together in simple, wooden cabins and canvas structures tucked in the woods as well as along the lakes. The cabins are not set up with electricity in the cabins. Movies, TV, computers, and recorded music aren’t here at camp. Unplug and enjoy a new sense of freedom in entertainment among your newfound friends. Unplug and enjoy a new sense of freedom in entertainment among your newfound friends at summer camp. 

Farm & Wilderness grows some of their own food for the summer menu. They built their own cabins. And, rooted in Quaker values such as community, simplicity, peacemaking, service, and equity, Farm & Wilderness has woven these values into the fabric of their programs and communities which has created an environment where people develop a deep connection with one another and discover a more simple, rugged, and exciting style of life.

If Farm & Wilderness sounds like it’s up your alley, look into it for your next summer camp stay and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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