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Of Clips and Clamps

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Hey, Boys and Girls! 

Unless they’re going to a day camp, flashlights are essential to every camper’s packing list as you prepare for the summer camp experience. We always want to offer the most innovative, most child-friendly products in our camping gear shop, so we keep our eyes peeled for cool new products on the market. Our eyes bulged when we saw Blackfire’s Clamplights—the smartest flashlights available—and we knew we had to carry this brand. 

High Power Waterproof Clamplight
The High Power Waterproof Clamplight gives you a wonderful hands-free option! The Clamplight clamps onto virtually anything, stands on its own, or works as a traditional flashlight. Blasting as much as 300 lumens to brighten up the night, the High Power Clamplight makes nightly navigation a piece of cake! And this waterproof wonder isn’t scared of getting wet. The head swivels in every which direction to give you light wherever you need it. With durable encasement, this light is designed to take a fall from higher than six feet without worry! 

Waterproof Cliplight
Keeping it compact, Blackfire has introduced the Mini Cliplight for a light in dark (and small) places. Its amazing portability makes the Waterproof Cliplight essential gear that can clip to tents, clothing, bags, tackle boxes, tree branches, wood, etc. The Blackfire Cliplight offers an LED bulb that puts out as much as 30 lumens. This light can take a spill from 10 feet up and live to tell the tale! And it swivels freely in every direction to provide you lighting exactly where you need it!  

Blackfire is simply the one of the best selections in flashlights. That’s why you can be sure to find it offered on our website at Everything Summer Camp! Get an even closer look at their Clamplight Flashlight right here and, as always, thanks for reading! 


- John

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