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Ocean Breeze if You Please

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Hey, Cool Kids!

We use this Blog to highlight all kinds of camp related things from camp activities to summer camps themselves. But how about the folks who supply us with the awesome selection of camp gear?! We like to highlight them too, so today we’re showing our respect and gratitude to one of the many brands with whom we’ve formed a great relationship: Treva.

It’s good throughout your summer travels to have some kind of portable fan nearby to help you stay cool when the days get hot! That's why we are proud to offer a wide selection of fan products from one of the industry's top brand names: Treva. Featuring traditional fans as well as hand-held fans, Treva fans supply you with the cooling you need at camp.

Designed for performance and innovation, Treva products are perfect for those summer scorchers (trust us, when the heat strikes, you'll want your trusty fan around to bring you much-needed cooling relief). For the best selection of Treva cooling and products at some of the industry's lowest prices, shop right here at Everything Summer Camp.

Reminiscent of a cool ocean breeze, this brand named themselves after the cooling effect that their fans bring. Treva means ‘home by the sea’. Browse our selection of high-quality, battery-powered fans from the Treva brand by clicking right here and place your order with us today!

Fans make your camp memories perfect with a cool breeze in the summer heat to provide relief on those bright, sunny days. Get the best of the best with the portable, mighty fans for the most efficient way of cooling off. They’re great for a kid on a hot day! Have a blast throughout your summer travels and stay cool with Treva cooling products! And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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