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Not Your Ordinary Straw

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Hey, Hydrators!

We offer a handful of innovative water bottles—ones that are leak-proof, ones thatA really high quality straw is one that filters. are insulated, ones that use a filtration system, and more. Today we’re featuring something you can drink from that isn’t a water bottle at all! Actually, it’s just a straw. Yet, it can deliver more clean water than any bottle can hold. 

The world is your water bottle with the LifeStraw Personal Water Filter! Wherever there’s water, you can drink it through this inventive filtering straw from a company based in Switzerland called Vestergaard. Drink up anytime and anywhere with this awarding-winning ultra light water filter! The LifeStraw is made to provide you with safe, clean drinking water whether your source is a running stream or a muddy pond.

Using advanced technology that involves hollow fiber membranes. LifeStraw filters out 99.9999% of all bacteria and 99.99% of protozoa without the use of any chemicals like iodine and without batteries or moving parts.

Just place your LifeStraw, dipping the filtration end into your water source, wait a few moments for the water to soak up membranes, and suck the water through. This small, portable straw will supply you with 264 gallons of clean drinking water—that’s an entire year’s worth of the average person’s water intake.

It has removable caps that you can choose to keep on if you’re using your LifeStraw all throughout the day or you leave it open if you want it to dry out.

The LifeStraw is made for avid fans of the outdoors, giving them a reliable tool that transforms the sandiest or muddiest of waters into clean water of excellent purity! Water, water everywhere—and all of it you can drink when you have the one, the only…the LifeStraw.

Revolutionize your drinking habits this summer and save on space when you pack up for your trips into the wilderness. Enjoy your hydration and, as always, thanks for reading.

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