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Northwoods Camps of Wisconsin

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Hey, Camp Fans!

Looking for the right summer camp for your budding camper? Read today’s (as well as the rest of our Summer Camp Spotlight posts on the Blog) for a great resource of wonderful camps—we work with roughly 250! I’m shining my spotlighThis logo unites the brother sister camp.t on brother and sister camps, today—Towering Pines Boys Camp and Camp Woodland for Girls in Wisconsin’s American Legion State Forest.

Nearby Eagle River, these two camps sit on their own campgrounds that stretch a combined total of more than 530 acres. Providing boys and girls a beautiful, remote environment among Wisconsin pines and birch for over 65 years, these camps are perfect summer stays for your soon-to-be-camper!

Towering Pines and Woodland offer a plethora of varied activities from which their campers choose. Encouraging fun and friends, these camps have encouraged confidence, happiness, and a healthy living throughout generations!

Choose from fun activities at camp like arts and crafts, horseback riding, archery, multi-day hike outing, performing arts, team sports, sailing, water sports, swimming, and more! The options are completely comparable between Towering Pines’ activities and Woodland’s except for Woodland offers gymnastics for girls.
Free to be you and me at Woodland Camp for Girls.
The well-maintained facilities at both brother and sister camp have been established to provide unrivaled recreation and camping opportunities for 100 boys and 70 girls each summer. Boasting their dining hall meals, the campers dig in on the great-tasting food they serve up at camp. All the Towering Pines and Woodland campers and staffers say the meals are to die for!

Growing opportunities and great fun are happening each and every summer at Towering Pines and Camp Woodland for boys and girls just like yours. Look in to either of these camps for yourself to see if they’d be a good match for your son or daughter and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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