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No Ordinary Sunday

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Hey, Sports Fans!

Today is the culmination of the 2019 football season in which we’ll see the season’s leaders of the AFC and NFC go head-to-head. Today is Super Bowl Sunday. And, for this year—Super Bowl LIV, we have the San Francisco Forty-Niners going up against the Kansas City Chiefs. Can you feel the excitement in the air? This is ought to be a good game! Neither team has held the NFL Championship for decades!

If You’re Going to San Francisco…

The last time the Forty-Niners went to the Super Bowl was only seven years ago in 2013. They went up against the Baltimore Ravens and they didn’t get the victory. You have to go back 25 years to 1995 for the last time San Francisco won the Championship over the San Diego Chargers with the second-highest Super Bowl score in history—49 to 26. Tonight will be the sixth time the Forty-Niners are playing in the Super Bowl.

I’m Going to Kansas City…Kansas City, Here I Come

This is only the third time that Kansas City is playing in the Super Bowl. You have to go back a lot longer for the last time they went to the Super Bowl. It was 50 years ago back in 1970. But they actually won it the last time they played for the Championship (unlike San Fran), playing against the Minnesota Vikings! The Chiefs only other time in the Super Bowl was in the very first one in 1967 when they went up against our home team, the Green Bay Packers. Of course, they didn’t win that one.

You can read more about the original Super Bowl from a previous Blog post by clicking right here. Enjoy the game tonight, Everybody. And, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John

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