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No Nokomis for Sadie C.

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Hey, Camp Folks!

We’re happy to bring back what you guys wrote in for our July ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest submissions, though the subject matter of these submissions may not be very happy themselves. Coronavirus has had a huge impact on us all—camp included. We asked to hear from kids who weren’t able to attend camp this season to record this very unusual time in our world.

Our first place prize winner of this randomized contest will receive a hundred dollar gift card to Everything Summer Camp. Congratulations to Sadie C. who wrote in to tell us about what should have been her fifth year at Camp Nokomis. Here’s her submission:

“Camp has always been the highlight of my year. The second I come back home, I start my countdown all over again. This would’ve been my fifth year going to Camp Nokomis on Bear Island. There is so much I will miss about camp. Whether it be sailing in the perfect clear water or singing songs around the campfire, there are so many memories that I will miss this year. It’s hard to name just one thing I will miss most. It could be my activities throughout the day where I do things like archery or ceramics, olympics when we split into teams and complete challenges fighting for our country, or the overnight where we sleep outside under the bright stars. I will miss all of these things so much, but I think the things I will miss most are the small things. Sitting in my cabin playing cards, or braiding a friend's hair at the waterfront. Eating in the dining hall and talking about crazy memories we have from previous years, or teaching someone how to make a new friendship bracelet. Those are the moments I’m going to miss. There are so many life lessons I’ve learned at camp and they happen in those moments. It’s the things you can’t learn in your daily activities. I learn things about friendships and community that I wouldn't learn at home. There is something so strange about the friendships you make at camp because you go in not knowing anyone, and you come out with some of the best friends of your life. And it’s the small moments that make that possible. Even though I’ve known for a while that camp has been cancelled, I don’t know if it’s fully hit me yet. Imagining a summer without camp is so crazy to me. I’m so sad I won’t see my camp friends and that I won’t get to make any more memories this year, but it will only make it more special when I get to go back.”

I’m so sorry to hear that you couldn’t return to Camp Nokomis this year, Sadie. The fifth year that wasn’t. This is a very touching entry that really points out how much there is to miss about camp because—you’re right—it’s not just the big stuff you didn’t get to do, it’s ALL the little things that kind of make up a major part of the camp feeling.

You do a good job pointing out what you missed out on this year. Nice work, Sadie. Hope you’ve been able to get out and still have some summer fun! Keep your head up and look onward to a trip to Nokomis next summer!


- John


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