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No Fake at Riva Lake

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Hey, Camp Folks!

Here on the Everything Summer Camp Blog, I like to give the awesome summer camps that we work with a little time for each one to shine in the summer camp spotlight that we’re shining! Today, get a glimpse of a great girls camp featured right here, right now! Today, we’re shining our summer camp spotlight over to the state of Tennessee where we find Camp Riva-Lake.

Since 1922, Camp Riva-Lake has welcomed young ladies to the first plateau of the Cumberland Mountains in a quiet cove on Tims Ford Lake in Winchester, Tennessee. Encircled by a wealth of natural resources, this gorgeous summer camp is within minutes of some of the area's most beautiful sites for outdoor adventure (including the Elk River and Foster Falls).

While at Camp Riva-Lake, kids have fun in the water with activities like Sailing, Canoeing, and daily trips to the lake for Swimming and other fun. And on land, they’re busy building their skills in Archery, Basketball, Crafts, Dance, Tennis, and Horse-back riding every other day (weather providing).

Designed for a good time, the Riva-Lake campgrounds include Horseback Riding facilities, Tennis Courts, a multi-use Activity Court, Sports Fields, a Playhouse for indoor activities and a private cove with a one-of-a-kind floating pool and boating docks Campgrounds include.

The cabins are cozy and built within close proximity to each other in order to establish a sense of being based in a community for the campers. Campers live in cabins with one or two counselors and are supervised by the counselors. The bathhouses are conveniently close to the cabins so there’s just a short distance for trips to the shower or bathroom trips at night.

Riva-Lake strives to maintain a low camper-to-counselor ratio to give the campers more individual one-on-one attention geared toward each camper gets everyone feeling more comfortable and part of a tight-knit community in a very short span of time.

Camp Riva-Lake may very well be a great summer camp experience for you. Look into it for your next summer camp stay by clicking here to check out their website and, as always, thanks for reading, Summer Campers!


- John



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