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Hey, Pumpkin People!

The Halloween celebration is heavy in the air—the sensation thickens as the days draw nearer and it’s right around the corner now. There are lots of things to do to be prepared for the fast-approaching holiday. By this time I hope most of your households have been decorated with spooky characters and creatures. I expect you all have your costumes ready as well—conceptually, at the very least.

Get your haunt on with a hollowed out and carved up pumpkin!

And what else?

Ah, yes! You’d better have your place populated with pumpkins! And, in case you haven’t done so yet, today is National Pumpkin Carving Day. So gather your gourds around and pick out your best carving knife (safety fist, remember), and pop that top off your pumpkin so you can clear it out and carve him up!

Pumpkins are certainly an essential part of the holiday and, even more so than pumpkins, we need Jack-o-Lanterns when it comes to Halloween. During this time of year, pretty much everybody tries their hand at carving. Halloween is just days away. If you haven’t carved your pumpkins yet, I suggest you get to it today before All Hallows Eve is upon us.

It makes a little more sense to carve your pumpkins a week or so in advance and give your neighbors a chance to see your carving handiwork; your pumpkins won’t go bad in just a week’s time. But for anybody who’s a little late to the game, today is a great reminder. Or, if you enjoy pumpkin carving as much as I do, go out and find yourself one more pumpkin to carve just for today!

If you have enough pumpkins, it can be a lot of fun to make a night of it. Enjoy some apple cider while you sit with friends or family and carve away! The more the merrier for an activity like this. You can exchange ideas for faces and help each other with stencils. Also, don’t forget to save your pumpkin seeds for a delicious and healthy roasted snack!

Thanks for reading, Blog Fans. Now go cut up some pumpkins! 


- John

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