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More—Trunk Designs Galore!

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Hey, Footlocker Fans!

Revolutionary to the footlocker trunk, Designer Trunks are completely covered in an awesome print, creating a trunk like you’ve never seen before. Choose a trunk design and print option that speaks to you from Camo to Tie Dye Rays and Electric Lava—whatever you like best. We have over a hundred options and we’re adding to our collection all the time!

Constructed the same as our traditional trunks with tough birch plywood, Designer Trunks set themselves apart with a high-definition image that we UV-cur onto the DuraShell exterior. We offer a wide selection of eye popping designs and we’re always adding new designs!

Wild HorsesWild horses couldn't keep you away from this camp trunk.
The trunk for any equestrian, our Horses Designer Trunk presents these majestic creatures—your favorite uneven-toed ungulate as they go dashing across a powdery landscape of fresh snow. Pay some attention to this trunk if you’re a little horse-crazy.

Are you nostalgic for the 80's whether you were there or not? Turntable Boombox
Rock it like it’s the 80’s again with the Boombox Designer Trunk. Depicting this old-school transistor radio with a cassette tape, CD player, and turntable, this trunk is iconic of an era. Keep it around for a nostalgia beyond your time.


RadioactiveSomething went seriously awry with the atomic nuclei inside this trunk.
Order this trunk at your own risk—the material inside may or may not contain atomic nuclei of unstable environments. Be sure to dress in the proper protective equipment when exposing yourself to nuclear decay; hazard mask not included.

Some people skateboard as a recrDo you have the skateboardin' bone? eational activity. Others consider it an art form. It’s a career for some and for others, it’s simply a means of transportation. No matter what skateboarding is to you, this trunk delivers the right attitude: cool. Celebrate your favorite sport with this cool camp trunk!

There’s sure to be a Designer Trunk with your name written all over it. Have a closer look at each one of these trunks or check out the others from our always-growing selection. And, as always, thanks for reading.


- John

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