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New Soft Trunk Designs

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Hey, Camp Folks!

Of course, at Everything Summer Camp, the home of C&N Footlockers, the first thing we recommend for transporting your camp gear will obviously be one of our stylishly cool and extremely durable steel or laminated camp trunks. But there are, inevitably, some people who feel a camp trunk is too big and clunky at summer camp. For all of you, I have just one word:These Pop Up Soft Trunks are not to be underestimated.


Okay, I guess it’s more like four words…but they’re all hyphenated. In any case, these soft trunks truly are the perfect alternative to our C&N trunks! Built to last, this wire-framed Soft Trunk keeps its traditional trunk shape even when empty. When camp is over, the Soft Trunk is capable of collapsing and lying flat for easy storage.

Currently offered in a plethora of options that span the color spectrum and sport fun patterns, the Pop-Up-Soft Trunk is expanding its appearance at Everything Summer Camp and taking on a multitude of new faces. Have your pick from a whole new line of soft trunks dressed in colors and patterns new to the summer camp scene.

With essentially identical constrThis Teal beast is a great color for the Pop Up Soft Trunk!uction, the new Soft Trunks are just like the old ones, with a plethora of pockets, wire-frame stability for structure, spacious beyond compare to any other duffel, and the convenience to live out of as though it were one of our traditional hard camp trunks.

More colors and patterns on our Soft Trunks increase the chances of you finding a Pop-Up-Soft-Trunk that best suits your personality and style. When it comes to summer camp gear, you can never have too many options, because every kid is unique. Reflect your personality with your style of choice in our new Pop Up Soft Trunks and, as always, thanks for reading.These new faces look great for our Pop-Up Soft Cases


- John

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