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New Lounge Accessories!

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Don’t scream…

But we just brought on a whole slew of new products from iScream. More than doubling our collection of this fantastic brand name, we now carry even more awesome novelty Pillows, sweet Slippers, cool Cosmetic Bags, Journals that jump right out at you, and more! To name just one more set of new products, allow me to introduce you to the new Sleeping Bags from iScream.

Each of them unique, these bags have the same, general rectangle-shape with hoods that are large enough to pull up to cover your entire face if you’re so inclined! Check ‘em out:

iScream Sleeping Bag

You’re sure to sleep like a baby in the plush exterior and faux sherpa-lined interior of these colorful patterned Sleeping Bags. Decorated in a cool print, these Sleeping Bags are the perfect addition to any campers bunk! Check it out in Rainbow Camo as well as the Gamer options available on the Everything Summer Camp shop!

iScream Sloth Sleeping Bag

Hang out in this hairy Sleeping Bag when you want to sleep like a sloth! This beast of a bag covers your entire body in its warm, faux fur Sleeping Bag! Designed with maximum cuteness for camp, stay warm in your bunk with this hilarious, hooded Sloth Furry Sleeping!

iScream Unicorn Sleeping Bag

Make some magical Zzz's in no time tucked inside this Sleeping Bag that looks like the beloved, mythical beast—'The Unicorn'! Cover yourself from horn to toe in this great big, faux fur Sleeping! Designed with a cute face and warm body, this hilarious, hooded Unicorn Furry Sleeping Bag is bound to be a hit among your bunk mates at camp!

Pay a visit to our entire collection from iScream by clicking right here and some of the cutest camp accessories you’ll want to have along! Enjoy getting ready for your summer fun and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

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