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New Camp Floor Mat Looks

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Hey, Camp Lovers!

Among a zillion other things, one thing you can always count on from Everything Summer Camp are our fresh, fun, and very cool designs getting introduced frequently to dress our Designer Trunks, Pillow Cases, Floor Mats, and more. Thanks to Amy, our talented graphic artist along with a product planning crew that’s determined to keep our lineup full of fresh new looks, we never run out of ideas!

These Floor Mats are made of a Microfiber Polyester Face that feels great on your toes and the flip-side is a Non-Skid SBR Rubber Bottom so stays put where you put it. The Mats measure in at 18” x 27” and really make your bunk area look your own!

Well, we’ve done it again, dropping some great new designs and patterns for our Floor Mats as well as our trunks and pillowcases. These Floor Mats make every day a great one as soon as you step out of bed, keeping your camp bunk clean and looking cool.

Just to go through a few of my favorite of our new designs, check out these great Floor Mats and catch the video after this post:

Today will be Awesome
Starting your days off with a positive and bright attitude is a giant part of what makes a day so awesome! Keep on the sunny side at camp!

Bumble Bee
This new Floor Mat design is all the buzz right in a summery print of these incredible and invaluable insects. Put this mat down at your bunk for your comb away from home.

Keep it Wild
Sure enough, summer camp is bound to be a wild ride. This Floor Mat is a nice reminder to tread that narrow path and embrace the wild side of life. It’s good to be a little wild.

This cluster of seemingly conscious and colorful lights shine in unison to show a thinking mind at work. Artificial intelligence is real.

Check out the video below to see all our new design Bunk Floor Mats. Browse our ever-growing selection by clicking right here. Have a gander at the new designs available on our Designer Trunks and Pillowcases as well and, as always thanks for reading!


- John





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