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New Laundry Bags – Contain Those Dirty Duds!

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Hey there, Camp Fans!

If you’re no first-timer to summer camp, then I’m sure you already know how useful of an item a laundry bag is to have with you during the time you spend at camp whether it’s just a single week stay or you’re gone for a whole month!

It’s always nicer to have a designated place where you can go with the dirty clothes you’ve worn and played around in. Without a laundry bag, you’re pretty much forced to stuff your dirty clothes in your camp trunk or duffel bag or whatever else you may have that you’re trying to live out of.

This technique of “putting away” dirty clothes will most-likely be placing them in the same vicinity as your clean clothes and only serve to smell up your camp trunk or what have you.

Take a look at our new Fashion Laundry Bags from Thread Art for a stylish, 100% Microfiber Polyester, printed bag that offers ample room for your camp clothes as your summer camp stay goes on! Thread Art fashion Laundry Bags

Lightweight and durable, these bags are made to carry a good load. Pull its drawstring to cinch the bag and keep your dirty clothes out of sight and out of mind—oh yeah!—and out of smell too!

The linen laundry bags make for easy transportation come the ride home after your camp stay comes to an end. Or if the camp that you attend offers a laundry service, it’s a great way to carry your camp clothes back to your room after being washed.

Pick your favorite pattern that pops out to your own personality. It makes for an easy way to spot your own from everyone else’s laundry bags as well. The interior lining is the same color as the drawstring. Get a bag with Hot Pink Dots, Green Paisley, White Paisley, Aqua Dots, Hot Pink Paisley, or Blue Paisley right here at Everything Summer Camp.

That’s all for today, Campers. Until next time.


- John
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