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New Information About An Old Favorite-The Deluxe Fan/Light

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Hey, Camp Fans!

As opposed to the typical Throwback Thursdays we’ve been posting in which we link back to a past, and particularly informative, Blog post, we also want Throwback Thursdays to discuss old Everything Summer Camp products that our customers have been enjoying for years. Our first example in our list of incredibly popular, old products is the Deluxe Fan/Light from TexSport.

This quality two-in-one product is the result of 18 incredibly bright LED bulbs stuck on a Deluxe fan/lightfour-inch-diameter fan. With the Deluxe Fan/Light, campers can write a letter home or catch up on your reading before bed without having to fumble with a flashlight. It comes with a handy hanging hook so it’s your choice to use it on a flat surface or hang it from above.

With such a durable, multifunctional product like this it’s easy to see why this product has remained as popular as it has since we started offering it eight years ago.

Recently revamped, the Deluxe Fan/Light is about to become even more popular than it has ever before. TexSport has redesigned this product to shine a beam as far as 19 feet. The light, which used to be in the middle of the fan, it now has LED lights all around the bottom so it produces more light and the main bulb will last longer.

Even for its size, the fan produces a great amount of airflow on high or low speeds for ideal air circulation to keep you cool on all those hot summer nights at camp.

Also redesigned to be more durable, the Deluxe Fan/Light will certainly survive a standard camp stay. They made easier access to the battery compartment so changing the batteries is less of a chore. The Deluxe Fan/Light runs off two “D” cell batteries.


- John

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