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New Horse Riding Helmets – Giddy Up!

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Giddy up, Camp Preppers!

As we post about our new products, it’s our hope that you are coming across items and gear that will be of interest to you for your specific summer camping activities. 

If you have a deep-seeded appreciation, love, and respect for horses and horseback riding, then you’ll find this particular blog post invaluably beneficial for the coming camp season. Today, I’ll be discussing The Ovation™ Deluxe Schooler Helmet as well as a fun way to dress it up with cool Helmet Zocks!—the best way to cover and decorate your helmet in awesome, bright designs.

The Deluxe Schooler from English Riding Supply is the right helmet for any entry Ovation_schooler_purplelevel rider because of its many, many conveniences. No rider, let alone a lesser experienced one should have to deal with a heavy helmet that fits too tight and makes riding hot, sweaty, and overall uncomfortable.

A rider who is equipped with the Schooler Helmet won’t have to worry about any of this unpleasantness. Because this helmet is ventilated and lightweight, it will wear comfortably and keep your head cool. Then, for even more comfort and added protection, the interior is mesh-padded.

The Schooler also features a removable breakaway visor along with a dial fit system and a leather and nylon adjustable harness so that it not only meets your personal riding preferences, but is sure to meet the specific size of your head. This helmet delivers maximum comfort!

ASTM F1163-04a/SEI Certified, this helmet is more-than-suitable for riding but also good enough to use as a show helmet!

Zocks-Lime with Purple Dots

It’s given a rubberized finish for a very sleek look, but if you really want to ride in your own style, Ovation™ Helmet Zocks are the way to go! Helmet Zocks, socks for your riding helmet, not only cloak your helmet in your preferred design, but also provides your helmet with protection–avoiding scratches or getting marked up in any way.

Arrive at riding camp wearing the Ovation™ Deluxe Schooler Helmet and sporting a great Zocks cover! Are you ready to ride? As always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John
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