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New! Columbia Reactor™ 35 Mummy Sleeping Bag

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Hey, Camp Fans! 

Looking for the right sleeping bag to take with you to summer camp? Then you’re in luck! Today I’m talking about a new sleeping bag we’ve started carrying at Everything Summer Camp: the Reactor™ 35 Mummy from Columbia.Columbia_reactor35_mummy_sleeping bag

This sleeping bag is excellent for taking out on the camp trail because you’ll only be adding an extra two pounds to your load! Imagine the advantage you’ll have just carrying less weight through the duration of a hike that lasts longer than just one day.

Don’t let its light weight fool you, though—the Reactor™ 35 Mummy is built to keep you toasty warm and give you the rest you’ll need for all the following events of the next day brings! How can a sleeping bag be so lightweight and yet, still deliver the warmth you’ll need on cool summer nights?

Well, Columbia uses its own thermal reflective technology along with heat-trapping Thermic MX insulation. Adequate for temperatures as low as 43° F and comfortable in 51°, the Reactor™ 35 Mummy certainly won’t let you down.

For added warmth and comfort, Columbia lines the inside of the Reactor™ sleeping bag with Omni-Heat®; what is Omni-Heat® you ask? It’s thermal reflective lining that’s designed to trap your body heat and recirculate it throughout the night. The lining does a great job at providing breathability too.

The Reactor™ sleeping bag’s shell is made of Omni-Shield®—a 100% nylon, 30D micro Ripstop fabric. It employs an innovative resistance to rain or condensation within the tent to ensure a good night’s sleep for you.

Another great part about the Reactor™ is the stash pocket on the side. It’s a reliable place to keep those things that you would normally keep at your bedside or close by like a container for eyeglasses or contacts, maybe your toothbrush along with a tube of toothpaste.

The Reactor™ can fit a six-foot person. It can also deliver a blissful night of sleep under the stars. Enjoy camping the right way in camping gear from Everything Summer Camp and thanks for reading!


- John




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