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National Take a Hike Day

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Hey, Hikers!

We’re in full autumnal swing by this point. The colors may have already exploded among the tree limbs, but the brisk temperature creates the perfect condition for going on a hike! I suppose that’s why they made today National Take a Hike Day. Take the advice of this national holiday and go hit a local trail! Hit the trail for a fun celebration of National Take a Hike Day and take a hike!

An invaluable hobby, hiking has become my go-to activity when those beautiful days call my name to get some fresh air outside. With a handful of trails all within the area I try to get out at least a few times each week.

My brother and I did an overnight hiking trip just a couple months back on a section of the North Country Trail (one of the longest trails in the country that stretches from North Dakota to New York). We only did about 13 miles.

While we agreed that we both felt the sensation of an autopilot sort of take over that kept one foot going in front of the other, we were both very happy to find our campsite and give our legs a break. Hauling 30 to 40 pounds in our packs is an exhausting feat that certainly makes every step a little more difficult.

With our recent experience in mind, our hats are off to all adventurers who challenge themselves to an overnight camping experience! Well worth it—even just for a night—it’s certainly not easy to immerse yourself in the wilderness.

How through-hikers muster the energy, I have no idea. Through-Hikers are insane people who tackle a long-distance trail, end-to-end, all in one go. They set up camp along the trail every night and hike further as much as they can each day. You got to hand it to people of that nature! They may be crazy but they’ve certainly got stamina!

Some day I’d like to put myself to a really extensive challenge of that sort, but until that day, I’ll keep on getting out on those local trails. Have fun finding your own in your neighborhood! Happy Take a Hike Day and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John  

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