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Hey, History Buffs!

I think one of the best sensations in life is when that perfect summer breeze comes and goes whispering past you, up against you, and, sometimes, seemingly THROUGH you. It’s great being swept away in a cool breeze or even a strong, gusting zephyr.

Since the first summer, people have always desired that feeling of airflow—a concentrated breeze. Pharos and kings were fanned with giant palms while hand fans were a cheap means of cooling yourself since ancient times. But nowadays, we have the convenience of fans run on electricity.

These days, fans are an essential summer item found in pretty much every home. But Drawing of pre-1900s motorized fanthings weren’t always so. In fact, electric fans didn’t even exist until sometime around 1883. Fans made at this time had fully-exposed blades and inner workings. They were expensive and found only in large offices or wealthy homes.

It took roughly ten years before motor enclosures and fan cages came along, not so much as a safety measure for the user but more so for the protection of the fan and its expensive blades. In another ten years they figured out how to make them oscillate back and forth.

Other improvements were made along the way, but the game-changer for the electric fan finally came along in the 1930s. Better materials became available for wrapping wire which allowed for the use of smaller wires which in turn allowed for manufacturing smaller motors. While already in some homes, this benefit brought the fan to every home.

With the onset of air conditioning, the market for fans went way down. Over the years, however, fans have remained because of their ability to adapt. Using cheaper materials like plastic instead of metal as well as introducing different shapes like the box fan for windows and tower fans for optimal air flow.

Everything Summer Camp is happy to offer such innovative shapes and designs for Deluxe Fan and light combo from Texsportpersonal fans like our Funky Flexi-Fan, the Squeeze Breeze Water Misting Fan, the Desktop Fan, and the Deluxe Fan/Light. These fun electric fans are always handy on those hot days at camp!

Thanks for reading, Fan Fans and stay cool.

- John

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