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Hey, Riders! 

A fantastic summer camp activity that plenty of people are very passionate about, Mountain Biking is a high-speed pursuit of adventure where the end goal is simply the journey itself in total. Riding bikes that are specially made to handle rough, off-road terrain became a popular sport just several years before 1900. Let’s take a look at a few world records in the world of Mountain Biking: 

Hot Wheels
Eric Barone who may be better known as The Red Baron is clocked at going 138 miles per hour—the fastest that anybody has ever been on a mountain bike. To be fair, his mountain bike was specifically developed for this project. But Mountain Bikes in general are meant to be made for a tougher terrain. 

He’s going the distance! Adrian Ellul is known for achieving a distance of 359 miles on Mountain Bike within a 24 hour period—the greatest distance cycled that amount of time. Adrian, an Aussie, made his record-breaking attempt one autumn day in 2015 in McLennon Park of Queensland, Australia. 

Nobody loves poppin’ wheelies as much as Kurt Osbourne. He rode 50 miles every day making his way from coast to coast across America, poppin’ a wheelie all the way. His total trek lasted more than 4000 miles. I don’t know that his record will ever be broken. But if you think that’s good, the highest bunny hop was 4 feet 8 inches high! 

Slackin’ Off
We can count this one as a bonus since I’m not sure that it’s a world record, but Kenny Belaey completed 60 feet across a slackline on his Mountain Bike between peaks in the French Alps at an altitude of 2,700 meters! That is one crazy record.

Do you plan on Mountain Biking during your summer camp adventure? Comment below to let people know if you’re excited for some Mountain Biking and, as always, thanks for reading, and happy camping. 


- John


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