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Hey, Fun Fans!

If you’re a fan of fun, then this Blog post is sure to tickle your fancy! It’s no surprise that Melissa & Doug is so popular among the kiddies! Their games, toys, and other lines of kid products are always instant hits! Very aware of Melissa & Doug’s fandom, we figured it only makes sense to offer their fun games and other fun accessories at our shop. Check out these great new products we’ve recently added to our Melissa & Doug selectimelissa-and-doug-sketch-padon:

Artist Sketch Pad
Within this coil-bound pad, there are 50 sheets of acid free, white paper as well as countless hours of enjoyment and leisure. Encourage imagination and artistic skills with this 9” x 12” Sketch Pad.

Smarty Pantsmelissa-and-doug-smarty-pants
This game increases brain power and shows you just whose pants are the smartest. Awesomely educational, this game is jam-packed with trivia, puzzles, activities, facts, and other fun methods of entertainment and education. Containing colorful, funny cards that will pique interest and exude education, this game keeps kids giggling away and excited to learn. Single and multi-player.

Scratch Art Padmelissa-and-doug-scratch-art-sketch-pad
A perfect Art Pad for summer camp, Melissa & Doug’s Scratch Art Pad gives you a dozen pages to draw or trace on and experience stunning effects shining through. This spiral–bound artist’s 8″ x 10.5” book is easy fun for kids to enjoy and it comes with a wooden stylus and stencil sheet. Flip the Scratch Art Pad open to begin dazzling fun for yourself!

An old recess classic and relaxing afternoons of summer vacation, Jacks is a timeless pastime. Get your stylish Jacks set for summer camp right here in our selection from Melissa & Doug. Including five silver jacks and five gold as well as two rubber balls, these pieces fit snug inside a practical pouch which then fits neatly within a quality wooden boxMighty fun time with such an old game!    with a sliding lid and instructions for game play.

Camp is all about having a good time so be sure to bring some fun along with you and take your pick from our excellent selection of camp games from Melissa & Doug! And, as always, thanks for reading.


- John

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