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MLB Decals…Decals…Get Your Decals

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Hey, Baseball Fans!

October is my favorite month! If you’re all baseball nuts like me, then you probably already know that October is the month of the World Series. That’s why the World Series is occasionally referred to as the Fall Classic. This time of year, you’re far from alone if you’ve got baseball on the brain!

Currently, in the American League, the Tampa Bay Rays are taking on the Cleveland Indians in the Wild Card Round of the playoffs. The winner of that series will move on to face the Boston Red Sox while the Oakland A’s will square off against the Detroit Tipittsburgh pirates logogers.

Over in the National League the the Central Division is well represented by the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Cincinnati Reds who are battling to determine which team will have a chance to dethrone the Central Division Champion, St. Louis Cardinals. The second round in the National League will also see the Atlanta Braves face off against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

If your favorite team made it to the playoffs, then why not support them all the way to the World Series with our MLB Teammates team logos from Fathead? You can stick these on your camp trunk or find a different home for them. You’re safe as long as it’s a smooth, clean, and dry surface (and so long as it’s okay with your parents).

Don’t worry, Parents—you can move these stickers around as much as you want and they won’t lose their stick. They’re as safe on surfaces as they are around children! Each MLB Teammates package comes with one to three team logo decals about one square foot in size.

So whether you’re rooting for this team or that team, check out our collection of MLB Teammates team logo decals from Fathead at Everything Summer Camp.

Play ball!


- John
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