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Michael! Michael! How's Your Garden Grow?

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Hey, Gardeners!

This age-old skill of bringing order to Nature is one which has been passed down from generation to generation as an essential means of domestic living! Understanding how to work alongside Nature to reap the nourishment of the Earth is an incredibly rewarding experience that teaches us patience, diligence, and responsibility!

With the centralization of food from industrial farming and mass transportation, gardening is no longer considered such an essential part of living but more of a hobby. But with the bombardment of genetically modified food, the interest in personal produce farming is increasing in the modern day.

One name you can attach to this rise in gardening is Michael Pollan, a food-focused journalist who’s published a series of books about where our food comes from such as ‘The Omnivore’s Dilemma’, ‘In Defense of Food’, and a number of others. He also wrote a letter to the previous president Barack Obama which was titled ‘Farmer-in-Chief’, pushing heavily for the decentralization of food, advocating more support in local farming and backyard gardening.

Through his journalistic approach toward the food we eat, Michael Pollan has been able to educate his readers in his fight for common sense that Nature’s provisions are what’s healthiest and that we ought to resist the corporate takeover of farming with genetically modified seeds.

A lot of work goes into a garden. You have to turn the soil, plant your seeds, consistently water the plants and pull out the weeds, harvest what you grow, and maybe more if you had to create your garden plot or other variables. But the satisfaction of enjoying the fruits of your own labor is insurmountable by any gourmet meal served to you at a fancy restaurant.

Check out some of Michael Pollan’s work if you’re passionate about food and you’re up to the reading challenge! Enjoy working in the peacefulness of your garden and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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