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Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas from Everything Summer Camp!

People have been celebrating the Christmas holiday for a very long time and carried out some of its most well-known traditions for even longer. Rituals like caroling and exchanging gifts date back at least to the1600s while bringing trees into our homes is a literally ancient custom. These traditions have come to mean a lot to folks who love this day of the year, as they should.Merry Christmas from Everything Summer Camp.There’s certainly nobody working today at Everything Summer Camp! Everyone from our business family will be spending the day with our families at home, enjoying all the traditional gift-exchanging, feasting, and all-around merrymaking. That’s what I do every year anyway!

Each season provides us with its own specific mood and this particular season was made to be spent in the jolly, warm company of those whom we hold dearest. This season may contain the coldest, darkest day of the year, but we do all we can to brighten it with our cheerfulness, our good will, quality time together.

Unlike previous years, my family from Southern Wisconsin is coming up to visit me and my other siblings in Northern Wisconsin. We always tend to really immerse ourselves in the holiday spirit, so there are lots of smiles, laughs, and merriment whenever we’re all together.Christmas trees are essential.

As I previously mentioned, so many of our holiday traditions such as giving gifts, caroling, and bringing trees into our homes have been adopted from a varied past, originating from Pagan celebrations and re-popularized by none other than Charles Dickens with his still-famous Christmastime masterpiece, ‘A Christmas Carol’.

These traditions have been carried out for a very long time and, as for me and my family, we’re all more-than-happy to carry on the age-old traditions and keep Christmas a warm day that unites us and brings us all joy.I wish togetherness, joy, and merriment to all of our summer camp families out there. Merry Christmas!


- John

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