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Memorial Day this Year

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Happy Memorial Day!

As we inch closer and closer to summer, many states continue to loosen their restrictions of the quarantine orders that were put in place in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. With Memorial Day here, it’s important for us to commemorate this federal holiday while still adhering to the safety guidelines that have been laid out in your particular region.Get your gear while sales are still here!

Being together is one of the best ways to remember those who fought and fell for this country—especially after staying in our homes all this while. It’s great to gather for grill-outs or go see someone who’s directly affected by a fallen soldier if you can! If you’re still unable to physically visit people, phone calls are always appreciated. Or you can drop off a letter or card or at least wish them a belated Happy Memorial Day in a letter you get in the mail today.

Parades are already a common Memorial Day tradition. If you’re able to gather for a parade as you always have in the past, great! Enjoy yourself! If your area is still practicing stricter social distancing, maybe you can suggest a spirited gesture of the drive-by parades that involve flag-flying and cheerful honking through the neighborhoods as we’ve seen throughout our country’s lockdown.

A sobering cemetery visit can be a hard but often therapeutic outing. This Memorial Day tradition shouldn’t involve too much close contact, however, since some states need to exercise more caution than others, you may find you’re unable to visit the cemetery today. An alternative way to spend time thinking of the loved ones we’ve lost may be to find a picture of them or some other keepsake and just spend some time thinking about them and saying thanks for their service!

No matter what, you can find some way to remember the people who have fought and fallen for our freedoms. From Everything Summer Camp, we wish a Happy Memorial Day to all you Camp Families and, as always, thanks for reading.



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