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Meet Yourself at Marimeta

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Hey, Camp Fans!

We absolutely love tooting our own horn here at Everything Summer Camp—and we have a lot to toot about—but there’s a lot to toot about when it comes to otherCamp Marimeta is the place for your daughter. organizations as well, be they brand names whose products we offer or fun-factory summer camps themselves. Today it’s a summer camp—Camp Marimeta to be specific—whose praises we are singing.

Settled comfortably in the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin alongside Lake Meta, Camp Marimeta invites girls from age eight to age 16 to discover the opportunity that gives them the experience of a lifetime! Founded in 1946, Marimeta has been presenting young girls with a kind of education that they can’t attain through school for 70 years—and far more valuable than school education as well.

This camp shows young girls the time of their lives with a plethora of awesome activities that may reveal some surprising insight into their character and personality. Swimming, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, ropes course, archery, climbing wall, riding, drama, photography, dance, arts and crafts, cooking, volleyball, basketball, flag football, soccer, softball, tennis, golf, running, yoga, and so much more are all available at this impressive camp!Achieving more than just a good time, these activities along with the direction of camp staff and the support of all the other campers show young girls a better understanding and a clearer picture of who they are. It’s a transformative experience that takes a young child and sets them on a subtle road to maturity and self-actualization.

An excellent all girls summer camp for your daughter to attend, check out Camp Marimeta further and make your upcoming summer really count. As always, thanks for reading.

 Set the sails!.... for summer camp!

- John


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