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Meet Our Second $100 Contest Winner

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Hey, Camp Fans!

Time for Everything Summer Camp’s annual ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest has rolled around once again! We’re excited to give away our prizes and announce our lucky winners as well as posting their stories right here on the Blog. Today, I’m announcing our second $100 gift certificate winner right now!

And our second $100 winner is….

Victoria S.!

Congratulations, Victoria! You just won $100 for our one-stop camping gear shop for your future equipment purchases! Thanks for sharing your summer experience at Camp Harlam. Read her submission right here:


I love camp! No matter what we’re doing! This year at camp it rained a LOT! But we still made the best of it! This year when it rained we got stuck in different places around camp, for several hours. Instead of doing nothing and just sitting around, we had fun! We made string bracelets, played catch with a ball (if we had one) and just talked about what we’re excited to do next in camp! I also loved that this year we did trips. We weren’t able to go on trips the last several years because of covid. My age group went to Hershey Park! It was one of my favorite things at camp we did! We were all in different groups depending on what things you wanted to do at Hershey Park. I had so much fun! It was especially fun because we got to go with some of our best friends we only see once a year! I loved screaming our heads off when we were scared on the rollercoasters! Overall I HAD SO MUCH FUN AT CAMP! Even though it rained a lot! I already miss camp! And can’t wait for next summer!


Great, Victoria! Camp Harlam sounds extra special! It's important to embrace the experience even when things aren't ideal (like a rainy day or even a rainy week!). Sounds like outside the precipitation, you had some awesome experiences like your trip to Hershey Park and terrifying rollercoaster rides! Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself, Victoria!

To anybody else interested in Camp Harlam, you can check it out by clicking right here. And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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