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Meet Nate: Our Print Shop Manager

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Hey, Camp Folks!

Say hello to Nate—our man in charge of all the personalized products we offer at Everything Summer Camp. While we make all of our personalized products right here in our own, local facility, it does not happen at our Main Building. Everything Summer Camp has two facilities which are very close to each other. Just a few blocks away and over the railroad tracks is our second building—the print shop..

NateManager of the print shop, Nate has many responsibilities to tend to on a daily basis which includes overseeing production, keeping an eye out for quality control in running production, product development, scheduling, and purchasing. Needless to say, Nate’s a busy man—but always good for a laugh or interesting conversation over lunch.

For the last three years, with a knack and strong passion for product development, Nate has enjoyed his employment with Everything Summer Camp, appreciating the variety that his work creates for him.

There are many processes that he has to know—after all, all our Name Labels, Lid Skinz, and the majority of our camp clothing is printed at the shop. The print shop is an impressive place with a carousel for screen printing along with an industrial dryer, two embroidery machines, a Direct to Garment (DTG) printer, two heat presses, and three wide-format printers and a whole lot more.

But Nate knows how worth it all his hard work is, creating quality products that summer campers will cherish for the summer and many years to come. He too spent a summer or two at a Christian Bible Camp where he really sharpened his skills at Ping-Pong as well as Table Shuffleboard.

Nate likes to keep work fun as he enjoys creating his own lyrics for existing songs such as “Hey, Don’t Eat Those Burritos,” (originally “ La Bamba” by Ritchie Valens). And on the days when even song parodies don’t do get him through the day, he at least goes home to his wonderful wife, Katie and his two sons, Alex and Eli.

That’s all for today, everybody. Until next time.


 - John

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