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Meet Brian, Our Operations Manager

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Hey, Blog Buddies!

Today I’d like to tell you about a guy who mostly remains behind the scenes. But, boy is he essential to Everything Summer Camp running smoothly on a day-to-day basis—he’s our Operations Manager, Brian. Operations Manager is his technical title, but really he gets his hands in everything.

Brian oversees every single order that you, our customer, place. From the time your order comes into our system, to the time we ship it out the door, Brian is guiding it the whole way.

As our Operations Manager, he oversees our Camp Trunk Production, our Graphics Department, the Call Center, and the Shipping Department. Aside from that, Brian also handles all of Everything Summer Camp’s general office paperwork, paying the company bills, doing payroll, and so on.

It’s a lot to handle. But then, that’s also his favorite part about his job. He thrives on the diversity that his job hands him. He’s been working here for the last eight years in which his job has changed a lot. Not that his position changed so much as it just continues to evolve. From paying the bills to developing production procedures, Brian’s job always offers him diversity.

Aside from what his position entails, Brian is also the IT guy around here. Since he’s probably the only one at Everything Summer Camp who can set up a closed-circuit network between two locations, he’s our IT guy by default. You can tell just by looking around his office that he knows computers; he’s got wires coming out of the ceiling and computer chips sitting out in a shoebox.

Brian has no doubt that an old job of his at a sporting goods store gave him a good background in sales and office management that has helped him a long way in his current position.

“I love my job,” says Brian.

Until next time, Campers.

- John

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