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McKenna B. Buggin' Out

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Hey, Camp Fans!

Your camp stories for the Everything Summer Camp ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest were all so great! I had such a fun time reading through them all and now I’m excited to be sharing them with all our readers here on the Blog! Since I’ve finished announcing our ten lucky winners who took larger prizes, I’ve moved on to the rest of your submissions and we’re posting each submission one by one!

The following post is from McKenna B. who wrote in to tell us about her first summer stay at Camp Jewell. Here it is:


This was my first time at sleepaway camp because COVID was a summer fail last year. I was really excited to go to Camp Jewell and also a little nervous. I saved up my money from recycling cans to buy a camp trunk just like I really wanted. It was pink and black and I put camp stickers on the front! My mom totally overpacked like usual and so then she bought another bag to snap on top to hold my bedding. She joked that she went a little overboard and I had enough stuff to stay for the whole summer.

When I got to camp my cabin was right on the lake next to the waterslide. How cool! The first night there something really funny happened. I was going to sleep and my worst fear came true... there was a giant spider in my bunk!!!!!!!!! I scrambled to get my shower shoes and started swatting the spider to kill it!!! gross!! Not a good way to spend my first night at camp. To make things worse, that night we saw flying ants in our cabin and I swear there were bugs that kept biting my ankles and feet when I was asleep. I wrote my first letter home all about the spider (my nemesis) and the bugs. My mom laughed because I didn't say anything else about camp. Just about the bugs!

Camp was super fun. I met some friends and did activities like the waterslide, candle making, carpet ball, and paddle boarding. I'm not a fan of the bugs at camp but everything else was cool. I'm going to go back next year and will wear socks to sleep so the bugs don't bite my ankles as much.


You’re not alone, McKenna! Those pesky parasites and other flighted foes are certainly the worst part of summer. Way to handle yourself like a warrior your first night, though during the battle of your bunk! Socks for the nighttime will definitely be a good tactical maneuver in battles to come! It was awesome to hear that you bought a trunk with money you saved from recycling cans! Nice resourcefulness! We always love to hear how well our gear works out for camp! Thanks for writing in to us, McKenna! Way to go making friends and having lots of fun this summer.

For everyone else, give Camp Jewell a closer look. Check it out for yourself by clicking here and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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