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Maybe The Tooth Fairy Will Visit You On HER Special Day

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Hey, Loose-Toothers!

Do you have some pesky molar, canine, or incisor that just won’t fall out already? Sick of your tooth wiggling around in your mouth and hangin’ on by just a thread? Well, today would be a great day to lose that unchained chomper as it’s National Tooth Fairy Day! She’s a fairly generous fairy—especially on a day like today that’s made to honor her…it’s sort of like her birthday.

The Tooth Fairy has a rather short line of genealogy. Daughter of Father Time and Mother Nature, she has only one other sibling, (her baby brother, Cupid) and she’s second cousin to the Easter Bunny, once removed on her mother’s side.

Anyway, as I was saying, the decision to finally lose that annoying baby tooth, believe it or not, is up to tooth fairy 2you. There’s a number of ways to finally get those loose baby teeth out of your mouth by force if they won’t leave on their own!

One way is eating apple after apple after apple. Taking big crispy bites of this firm fruit might just be enough to push that stubborn tooth right out of place. Taffy can work well for this purpose as well. In fact, eating food in general is always a nice, easy way to give a loose tooth the push out the door that it may need.

I, myself, nearly ate my own tooth once after losing it as I ate a buttered roll. The tooth was well camouflaged against the butter, but thankfully I spotted it before my next bite. My brother was less fortunate when he swallowed his whole along with a burger he was eating.

Another great method for losing a loose tooth is to wrap floss around the tooth and make a criss-cross motion (almost like a scissors) to cut that dangler. If that doesn’t do it, there’s always the string tied to the doorknob trick, but that method can be a little…intimidating (not to mention nerve-racking).

Good luck with your loose teeth! Make sure to put them under your pillow tonight so the Tooth Fairy will compensate you handsomely. If you didn’t just loose your tooth, but actually LOST your tooth, don’t fret. The Tooth Fairy knows. She always knows. After all, my brother still got his payment after consuming is tooth burger!


- John
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