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Mapping out Memorial Day

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Happy Memorial Day!

Today we observe the federal holiday of the United States in which we remember and honor the many soldiers who have died serving their country and protecting our freedom. Because of the observed day off from school or work along with the day’s proximity to the beginning of summer, it’s often celebrated as an unofficial first summer day.
Heroic American lives are remembered today.Lots of folks pass the day away leisurely with the people they love enjoying the beautiful weather (so long as Mother Nature permits). Others with a closer connection to those who have served their country might visit cemeteries or memorials. There are volunteers across the whole country that offer to go around in national cemeteries to place small, United States flags on each grave.

Here’s a look at what some of us around the office at Everything Summer Camp are up to today:

Matt—Sales DirectorA great day for gardening, get to it on Memorial Day like Matt DeMuth.
Matt’s spending all day outside this year. He’s planting his garden all morning. In the afternoon, he’s off to watch his kids in a few sports events—he’s got a soccer game, softball game, and a T-ball game that his youngest is playing in. After all the sports, it’s back home with his family where they’re grilling out for the evening.

Stay cool like Keisha on Memorial Day by installing your AC.Keisha—Receptionist
Keisha, on the other hand, has a day indoors all planned out. With just a couple months to go until the arrival of her second kid, she plans on spending the vast majority of the day relaxing with her family, watching TV, and basking in the joys of air conditioning.

A veteran himself, Art has a closer connection to Memorial Day than anyone else at Everything Summer Camp. He’s making visits to memorials around the area like The Highground in Neillsville, WI as well as the Cadott Veteran’s Tribute in Cadott, WI. Between these two sites, he’ll observe reenactments, ceremonies, museum exhibits, and more.
Veteran memorials are all around the state.A happy Memorial Day to all. Remember those who fought to protect your freedom and, as always, thanks for reading.


- John

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