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Making it Through March

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Hey, Camp Fans!

We’re still truckin’ along with our Resolutions that we set at the beginning of the year here at Everything Summer Camp. Bringing these pieces of positivity into the springtime, folks around the office aren’t necessarily finding it easy, but are sticking to their intentions for improvement.

Check out how we’re doing! On the corner of determination and dedication.

Amy, who’s eating better, is still proud to say that she’s happy with her healthy habits. Folks around the office even vouch for her as they spot her with a salad for lunch every day. Way to go, Amy!

Anita made her resolution to be more mindful of her overall health. She reported back that it’s been a tough month with temptations sitting right in her house. She’s hanging in there, though with a firm attitude for the future! You got this, Anita!

Diane has been doing her best to help people out more. In March, she donated to a summer camp program that pays for kids to go to camp that otherwise couldn’t afford it. And she made purchases for the folks behind her in line at the store on two separate occasions. Awesome job, Diane!

Matt is watching his weight. After a couple of very successful months, Matt confessed to gaining back several pounds in March. He isn’t, however, letting this discourage him from continuing to keep an eye on his weight. Keep it up, Matt!

Morgan resolved to get straight A’s in her last semester of college. She’s still pulling it off! “Barely,” she noted, “But it’s still an A!” Maintain that A, Morgan!

Nate is shooting for more ‘playtime’ with his kids and general family time. He’s had solid success too, taking advantage of snow days in the beginning of March and enjoying time outside by the end. Nate and his wife, Katie are teaching their kids simple lawn work and playing with them outside. Great stuff, Nate!

For my own resolution, I strived to be less judgmental and have more patience. I still plan to be mindful of these qualities, however, I am bowing out of the Blog updates as I’ve let areas of my life get the best of me one too many times in the last couple months. I’d like to turn this negative thinking around as soon as I can.

Resolutions are challenging and the year is long! We’re bound to be faced with rough patches along the way! Don’t let the setbacks keep you back! Everybody is still doing great (especially Bob who has remained just the way he likes himself—the same. Good job, Bob)! Keep up the good work with your own resolutions for 2019, Everyone and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

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